Landscaping Trees and Shrubs in Madison County, KY

Since 2020, Sticks and Stones Landscape Supply has offered a wide variety of trees and shrubs that can bring some personality and life to any outdoor space. If we don’t have the landscaping trees or landscaping shrubs you need, Sticks and Stones Landscape Supply will do our best to get it for you and your project. We have hundreds of varieties available in Madison County Garrard County, and Rockcastle County, KY that you’re welcome to browse, or we can review our ordering and delivery options.

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Sticks and Stones Landscape Supply offers a huge selection of landscaping trees and decorative trees that can help provide beauty, shade, and privacy at your home or business. Our Arborvitae trees are dense, narrow evergreen trees. These thick, dense, and easy-growing trees are tough, offer great privacy, and are disease- and pest-resistant.

Shrubs and Perennials

Bushes and other landscaping shrubs can be used functionally or decoratively in any landscaping project. They can provide beautiful backdrops, help define your garden beds, provide privacy along a border, or simply provide a decorative accent that sets your yard apart. Stop by our store in Madison County, KY, to check out ‘s ​​selection of landscaping shrubs and bushes.

Ground-Level Shrubbery

In addition to adding beauty to your landscaping project, ground-level shrubbery and plants help retain moisture, control erosion, and can even provide a habitat for pollinators like bees and butterflies. Sticks and Stones Landscape Supply offers a variety of ground-level shrubbery that will help round out your project. If you have questions about what landscaping shrubs you might need, give us a call or stop by our store to chat. We’re happy to help!

Bring Greenery to Your Landscape

We understand that, sometimes, you just need to beautify your yard with some greenery. We are happy and eager to help if you’re trying to bring some life and color to your space. With more than 15 years of experience serving Madison County, KY Sticks and Stones Landscape Supply has a wide range of options that can make your project pop.

If you’re interested in accentuating your landscaping project with some beautiful landscaping trees or shrubs, make sure you contact us or stop by our compost and bulk mulch store in Madison County, KY, to look at our huge selection. If we don’t have what you want or need for your project, we’ll be happy to help you find it.

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